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What tools do we offer?

Mutual views

Бесплатное продвижение для Twitch, Trovo и YouTube

The system is designed in such a way that novice streamers watch each other's streams around the world, and thus help promote broadcasts in recommendations in a natural way.

Thanks to the Stream Hype system, the promotion of Twitch, Trovo and YouTube channels is free, absolutely safe and does not require much time.

We have developed a unique * system that allows you to reward chat activity! Works for Twitch and Trovo.

* - The viewer for activity in the chat receives additional points, but not more than once every 10 seconds, with a minimum comment length of 5 characters!

Joint streams (collaborations)

Совместные стримы (коллаборации) для Twitch, Trovo и YouTube

Joint streams (they are also collaborations) help create hype around the collaboration participants, which will increase the involvement of the viewers of all the streamers who took part.

This is the most effective promotion method, at the moment all popular streamers are collaborating, getting together and making the audience laugh. Don't miss the opportunity!

All major * streamers have currently chosen the collaboration format and are co-streaming with each other, as they realized that this is the most effective method of promotion!

* - Nekoglai, Buster, Evelon and many others have chosen the format of joint streams

The effectiveness of Stream Hype before cheating viewers for Trovo, Twitch, YouTube and other platforms

We consider the main advantages of working in the "white"

It's free!

On Stream Hype, you can absolutely promote your stream without worrying about restrictions, no platform minds!

Live chat

Мы стимулируем наших участников, поэтому они охотней пишут Вам в чат, что увеличивает общих эффект продвижения стрима (для всех платформ)

Cheat viewers

If you buy viewers cheat for Twitch, Trovo or YouTube, with a high degree of probability your channel will be restricted, this will prevent the development of your channel!


Such "cheating" is not prohibited by any of the platforms (Trovo, Twitch or YouTube), the platform gets real viewers, you get a legitimate stream boost!

How do peer views work?

The process of organizing mutual viewings

Registration on the website

First you need to register on the site, link your channel, and fill in a few points regarding your streams

Earn points

After you go to this page, the system will automatically give you a stream to watch, the stream will change every 10 minutes

Spend points

After you have earned points, you can use them to attract viewers to your stream, for this you create a task, and now your stream is being watched

Chat activity

What is very important, the Stream Hype system encourages viewers to write to you in the chat, as they get extra points for this, and throws you higher in the recommendation

How do co-streams work?

The process of organizing joint streams
Registration on the website

First you need to register on the site, link your channel, and fill in a few points regarding your streams

Search for collaborations

After you have added your channel on the site, you will see a catalog of active collaborations for a joint stream

Create a collaboration

Didn't find the right one? Create a new one! Carefully select streamers, read reviews from previous collaborations!

Stream approval

With the selected streamers, you discuss the organization of the stream, the time of the event, the game and other important details for you and your companions